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Best (and worst) plumbing fixture name

By , March 15, 2012

Eco Soirée toilet

The  Eco Soirée (rhymes with Rico Suave) brings an environmentally friendly party to the sitting room and leaves attendees flush with excitement.

Best (& Worst) business name, 2010

By , August 24, 2010

Dead People's Stuff Antiques

Finally, some truth in advertising; after all, what are antiques if not (usually) the stuff of dead people? Calling this spade a spade is brilliant (& daft), so “Dead People’s Stuff” in Bloomfield is the clear winner in the race to the zenith (& nadir) of business names I’ve encountered in 2010. I’m not entirely sure how this came to be an annual tradition, but I’ve bestowed the honour (& disgrace) on a different business for four years running. Congratulations (& condemnations).

Best (& Worst) Business Name, 2009 Edition

By , September 3, 2009

Rigby Reardon could figure this one out

F’Coffee and Rear Ends won the honours for Dodgeville’s best (& worst) business name in 2007 and 2008 respectively, and it’s about time I bestowed the honour for 2009. The clear winner this time around is FOC!, with its even more  wonderful domain name,

What does ‘FOC’ mean?

“It’s a slang word. When a man and a woman are in love, the man puts his…”

“No, no. Here: ‘F. O. C.’

Of course, Rigby Reardon, with some timely assistance from Philip Marlowe, eventually discovered that it stood for Friends of Carlotta. If you don’t know the rest of the story, you owe it to yourself to rent Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid some day. I assume that these Leaside FOCkers are fans.

Best (& worst) new business name

By , May 21, 2007

This coffee shop opened a few months ago near Queen and Broadview:


I have no joke here, I just like saying, “F’coffee.”

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