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I see faces #25

By , February 29, 2012

My key ring is happy that spring is coming.

The more keys the merrier, which is why my key ring is so happy that spring is on the way: he’ll get to carry my bike keys more often.

I see faces #24

By , January 31, 2012

Face in a coffee stain

This coffee stain is having way too much fun.


I see faces #23

By , December 5, 2011

Open wide, this won’t hurt a bit.

I don’t think the saddle bracket believes me.

I see faces #22

By , August 31, 2010

Face in a food container

The face on this food container lid always looks suspiciously well-fed.

I see faces #21

By , June 30, 2010


The thumb screw on my spindle sander always greets me with a wink and a smile whenever I get ready to put him to work.

I see faces #20

By , March 10, 2010

Unhappy suitcase

The suitcase was looking a little green after some turbulence on the flight home.

I see faces #19

By , January 2, 2010

Face on a metal-bending brake

This brake (of the metal-bending, not car-stopping, variety) wags its tongue at visitors to the metal shop.

I see faces #18

By , December 9, 2009

A cup runneth over

The spill on this pedestrian bridge may have started out accidentally, but I’m sure it didn’t finish up that way.

I see faces #17

By , October 10, 2009

Phone face

This old-time phone in the Jasper-Yellowhead Museum was shocked when told how far its lineage has progressed.

I see faces #16

By , August 24, 2009


I’m never sure whether these bypass pruners are laughing with me or at me.

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