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Stumpnose dolphins

By , June 21, 2012

Tree stump carved into jumping dolphins

I wrote a while ago about a chair carved out of a tree stump (and its subsequent demise), but it has nothing on this bit of stump art in Peterborough, a pair of dolphins leaping out of the yard. According to Google Street View, the dolphins were hidden inside this tree (in the shadows, at the front of the pickup truck) just three years ago, in August 2009.

Stump chair cut down

By , May 18, 2012

Remnants of a tree stump chair

Not even a month after I first noticed it, the stump chair near the Humber bridge is no more: someone broke it off at the top of the legs. You’ve gotta love people who see something unique and interesting and decide that they must destroy it.

Stump chair

By , April 23, 2012

Someone carved this tree stump into a fabulous chair near the Humber pedestrian bridge. The style should be familiar to anyone who’s seen a lumberjack show but is all the more impressive because it was carved in situ and is still attached to the stump. It’s also only about 18 inches high:


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