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Just one more licence plate

By , June 20, 2011

After posting the results of my licence plate hunt last autumn, I vowed never to take or post a picture of another licence plate again. And I’ve let some real doozies pass by undocumented in the ensuing months, never succumbing to the impulse to point the camera at the back of a car.  But I just couldn’t resist this meta beauty I saw in a parking lot this morning:

There’s a whole class of personalized plates that I’ve never really understood: the ones that reference the car itself. MY BMW, JIMS JAG, and so on. I mean, I can tell by looking at the car that it’s a BMW or whatever and I’m really not sure why someone needs to use a licence plate as an additional nameplate. One they pay extra for, no less. This one takes needless self-reference and turns it up to 11. I love it.

2 Responses to “Just one more licence plate”

  1. rudy says:

    LICNSPL8 is really lame

    this, on the other hand, is awesomely not lame —


    • Val Dodge says:

      That’s a good catch. Now I’m tempted to feel that LICNSPL8 is hopelessly derivative, but it does have the advantage of being slightly more specific than its think-alike cousin.

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