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Logan Furniture ghost sign

By , February 27, 2012

Logan Furniture & Appliances ghost sign on Danforth Ave.

Logan Furniture & Appliances ghost sign on Danforth Ave.

A great ghost sign was uncovered on the Danforth at Chester Avenue last week. The sign for Logan Furniture & Appliances had been hidden behind the facade of Parthenon Jewellery, which closed last year. A small corner of the ghost sign was revealed after a pop-up store hung its shingle for a few weeks leading up to Christmas, and the entire old sign was uncovered just a few days ago.

Worth noting is the old-style phone number giving the exchange name of HO (HOward) for the first two digits. Also worth noting is that even back then, “easy credit” was a big selling point.

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  1. Milt says:

    Love these finds. We had a similar one last year here in Alliston , a 40 year old sign was removed to reveal a black and red ceramic Canadian Tire store front sign 6`x 26` that was very well preserved. Great flash back to my youth , thanks for the memories Val.

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