Closed for the winter

Closed for the winter

I’d been planning to do a mini photo essay about all of the “closed for the winter” signs that the City slaps up on virtually everything that doesn’t cater to cars, but recently discovered that Now did a pretty good job of it three years ago. Sadly, Toronto officialdom’s aversion to winter has probably gotten worse since then.

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  1. Aggravating is the closed for the season signs on the three public washrooms in High Park listed on the wayfinding maps placed about the park as 12 month facilities. Granted I can (try to) find a reasonably secluded spot so as to not offend the more sensitive among us but .. hold it. There are no leaves on the trees and High Park is not a coniferous forest.
    Anyway hiking for a few hours through Toronto parkland without available public washrooms must be a real trial for women. How do they do it? Or are multiple hour recreation sessions to be avoided by the fairer sex this time of year?

  2. They pee on the ground just like the men, of course. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know about ‘How women do it’ — you’re going to need the advice if you still think of them as ‘the fairer sex’, which is not true in any sense of those words.

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