Mildly uncomfortable weather = day off school

According to, at least some school buses in Wellington County, Dufferin & Peel, Simcoe County, and elsewhere were cancelled today on account of the weather. Wait a minute, buses were cancelled because of wind? Seriously? It’s bad enough that kids get snow days at the sight of a single flake, but now they get wind days too? Is this really necessary, or is it simply a knee-jerk reaction to bus operators’ perception of increased liability?

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  1. Well, the kiddies do have to get home. The bus operators have to judge if the buses can get them home from school in the afternoon. I heard that some highways were closed in the areas noted above.

    What are the chances of a school bus blowing off the road?

    Anyway, days off are surely welcomed by the children.

  2. Nicola: No one said the schools were closed, just that the school buses were cancelled.

    The CityTV link mentioned that the temperature plunged. Wind and plummeting temperatures can cause black ice to form on roads if they are not salted or sanded. Some of those bus routes in those areas go up and down the Niagara Escarpement and Oak Ridges Moraine. I don’t think we want a school bus of kids skidding off a side road in the Clay Hills in Caledon.

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