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  1. Eco-Shape? If they really wanted to minimize the use of plastic per unit of volume, they would have made it much more spherical and certainly not turned in on itself.

    A sphere is has the best ratio between volume and surface of any container (4/3 pi r^3) : ( 4 pi r^2), which is r : 3. The less spherical a container is, the less efficient it is at containing stuff in its walls.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m writing a piece for the USM Free Press (http://www.usmfreepress.org) about Green Washing and decided to use your example. Recently there has been a lot of hype on Green and Sustainability. Being a fan of the environment, I hope that the movement isn’t trivialized by media and corporations as a marketing tool to make sales. I see “Green” routers selling with claims that they save 9% electrical consumption. If a power plant saves 9% thats a big deal, if a router saves 9%, that may add up to ten cents over its life time. I’m becoming very skeptical of this Green & Sustainability marketing trend, and I would advise your readers to do the same.

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