Working bikes

Green Gardeners bicycle trailer

Despite the increasing numbers of people who ride their bikes to work, relatively few people use their bikes as work vehicles.

I frequently pass as many as a dozen landscaping crews on my daily ride through Rosedale and Summerhill, usually with big pickup trucks and trailers hauling all manner of two-stroke trimmers, mowers, and blowers. So it was nice to pass by this bike trailer filled with traditional hand tools the other day. Kudos to Green Gardeners.

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  1. Great post, man! I’m a self employed gardener from the hilly side southeast UK. I use my e bike as a work vehicle 5 days a week. I fix my spade and digging fork to the crossbar using tree ties.
    I’m still looking for a light 5ft long work trailer to carry a scythe(!) and petrol strimmer etc

    PS:Why are these work trailers so expensive $1000/£1000)? I can get 2 decent used cars for the same sum!

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