Shamu the Beetle

Shamu the Beetle (front)

Shamu the Beetle (rear view)

Love ’em or loathe ’em, you’ve got to admit that small cars like the Beetle and the Smart lend themselves to some pretty nifty customizations. I saw this one in midtown three weeks ago and wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Although it has a Florida licence plate, one commenter on Torontoist says that this car lives not too far from Bayview & Eglinton. That puts it only a few blocks away from the Drywall Doctor‘s office. The neighbourhood would seem to have a very high density of unusual cars. I’m going to have to explore more extensively some day.

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  1. hmm .. tail extends behind bumper line. possible obfuscation of number plate .. hmm ..
    I wouldn’t want to be behind that on a bike when the driver pulls an emergency braking maneuver immediately in front of me.

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