Discovery in reverse

Red light blue sky

I’m on top of the world, ma!

The view from here

The lake always looks so nice from out here, even if the view is a little obscured.

A ladder leads the way

Aha! A ladder to the sky.

Inside the lighthouse

The desk is a little messier than I would have expected in a place like this.

An open door

An open door? Looks like an invitation to me.

The Leslie Street Spit Lighthouse

I’m such a photographic sucker for pictures with a deep blue sky. This building has always intrigued me. I sometimes wonder what’s inside.

The lighthouse from afar

Ah, the lighthouse on the Leslie Street Spit. It’s not really much of a lighthouse, but it’s landmark known to all who venture onto (or sail past) the Spit. I’ve been riding around its base for 20 years. Maybe someday I’ll get to see the view from the top.

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