Report Card, 1935

Report card from Ryerson Public School

I can tell you one thing for sure: if I’d gone to Ryerson Public School in the 1930s, I would definitely have failed sitting, standing, and walking correctly and coming to school well rested. But I would have aced making an effort to control my temper. All of the other qualities of a good citizen could have gone either way. Check out the full-sized scan to see all of the things they don’t teach in school any more.

2 Replies to “Report Card, 1935”

  1. Vye da marks in da litratsoor and da komposisson pe fallink? Hey are not moofing in right direkson! Geerl might pe mart, but sood pe virking harter!

    Voi olla, että opettajat uskovat että tuo Neiti Räisänen (eli “Raisanen,” kuten he kirjoittivat) on “Splendid type of girl,” mutta me tiedämme että hänen pitäisi opiskella ahkerammin jos hän toivoo löytää miestä.

  2. Indeed, and her husband-finding skills came to the fore a couple of years later when she earned top standing in her classes at Central Tech in Cookery–Theory, Conduct, and Home Management (not to mention Economics, Business Management, and Chemistry, among many others).

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