No, I will not obey my signal

Dumb pedestrian signal

Dumb pedestrian signal

It’s hard to believe that in 2012, the City of Toronto persists in installing new pedestrian signals on sidewalks across the top of T-intersections. This one, installed as part of the signalization earlier this year of the intersection of Laird and Esandar Drives in Leaside, has also been noted by the Fixer for its perplexing lights that face the two quiet driveways at the top of the T.

It’s not the waste of money or phony “war on” anything that bothers me here, it’s the fact that such a useless signal represents the current standard for pedestrian infrastructure in 2012. City planners and traffic engineers hear me now: a pedestrian on a sidewalk always has the right of way over any kind of traffic that crosses that sidewalk. Period. A vehicle coming out of a driveway should never have the right of way over a pedestrian on the sidewalk.

As for the “pedestrians obey your signals” sign, here’s a hint for the City: any time you feel obligated to put up a sign or signal, and then another sign instructing people to obey the first one, you’re doing it wrong.

(A similar signal installation was noted by Vic Gedris back in 2007.)

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  1. I’ve wanted to print up a batch of stickers to cover up the second half of such signs, e.g. “OBEY YOUR SIGNALS”, “DISMOUNT AND WALK”. Those signs pretty much say “city staff couldn’t be arsed to address your needs”.

    To me that translates to: Pedestrians “SCREW YOU”, “TOUGH”, “YOU SUCK”

  2. The above pictures, as good as they are, may not be sufficient to explain the stupidity of the signal lights you’re writing about to anyone not familiar with this area.

    So, the following link is a screen shot from Google street view taken from across the street facing the section of sidewalk that these new signals are overlooking:

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