Todd Morden Mills

It’s a pretty remarkable coincidence that just a few steps from Todmorden Road in Todmorden Mills in the Todmorden neighbourhood of East York—all of which were named after Todmorden, England—is a pumping station named after someone called Todd Morden:

Todd Morden pumping station sign


Now you might think that this is just another careless spelling error, but Google tells me that there really is a Todd Morden, and he’s this guy:


Google can’t tell me why he has a pumping station named after him, but I’m sure he deserves it.

And just in case you still think it’s merely a spelling error, I can assure you that although there is a Todmorden Mills pumping station, it’s a completely separate facility. In yet another remarkable coincidence, the two pumping stations share a single cabinet:

Mind you, I’m just assuming that these are two separate facilities and that surely the City of Toronto wouldn’t misspell the name of one of its heritage properties on a prominent sign inside that property. And surely workers tacking up the sign would have sent it back to the sign shop with a note as soon as they noticed the error, instead of just blindly posting it. Right?

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  1. That is funny. In my town of Oakville, the International Order of Foresters had an Orphanage in the early 1900s. Then in the 1950s very nearby, the town built a new subdivision called Forster Park. There was no relation between the two names but they sure get mixed up now.

  2. A while back a road near my house was closed for construction.

    Two signs, one on each end of the road, read “WING DR. CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION”.

    Unfortunately, the road in question, on which the signs were placed, was actually called WAYNE DR.

    I always imagined that someone, over the phone, heard “wing” instead of “wayne” and both signs sat there for a week before being corrected.

    1. Nice. As I’ve said before, there really ought to be a sign-making equivalent to the old woodworker’s axiom of measure twice, cut once. Of course, that would pretty nearly put this blog out of business.

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