The worst Christmas present ever

Pattison model billboard

I can’t imagine giving someone a worse Christmas present than a replica billboard complete with ad company branding.

“Uh, what’s this, Mom?”

“Why, little Ginny, it’s the gift of selling your eyeballs to the highest bidder. Now go read those nice banner ads your father got for you.”

(Seen in December in a paint store that wasn’t—I think—selling it. )

2 Replies to “The worst Christmas present ever”

  1. is this the same downtown Ginny that Holyday had playing in traffic on her way to the park?

    nice to see you posting again, sir… we missed you

    1. Certainly; she’s now my go-to composite character to represent all of the evils of urban living. It’s just a matter of time before she gets gooned on Oxy, starts shooting people because her taxes are too high, and pulls herself out of the gutter by getting a well-paying and progressive career at a casino.

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