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Informed democracy

By , October 18, 2010

“Who are all these people on the ballot? I thought there were only five people running for mayor.”

“They’re just a bunch of random people who don’t have any chance of winning.”

— An ill-informed voter gets an equally ill-informed answer from a worker at Sunday’s advance poll.

4 Responses to “Informed democracy”

  1. Milt says:

    How ill-informed is that answer , not at all. . . it sounds very truthful to me.

    • Val Dodge says:

      It’s ill-informed because, strictly speaking, everyone on the ballot is just a random person, and even of the five front-runners, three never had a chance (and the candidacy of another was virtually universally scoffed at until he started polling in the lead). By that reckoning, there should be only one name on the ballot.

      It’s also ill-informed because a poll worker shouldn’t be assessing candidates for a voter, nor should a poll worker be belittling anyone who runs for office.

      I was a ballot officer during the last election cycle and I never would have said anything even remotely close to what this worker said. Truthful? Perhaps. But it showed an astonishing lack of respect for the process and the candidates.

  2. Milt says:

    We are seeing the phrase ìll-informed from different perspectives , and I will agree to disagree with you.
    You are correct that this should not have been said by the polling officer , however I am just looking at it in the big picture , and VERY truthful is what it is.
    No disrespect intended Val.

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