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No public befoulment

By , September 11, 2012
No park befoulments allowed in Markham.

Markham sets down the rules about park befoulment.

Oh, Markham. I can’t even count the ways I love this sign. Start with the peculiar wording (“It is prohibited to allow”), work in an odd euphemism (“befoul”), continue with a parenthetical plea for cooperation, and wrap it up by citing a long-obsoleted by-law. And if that wasn’t enough, you top it all off with “Markham” written in that¬†3D¬†typeface straight out of the ’80s. That’s a whole lot of awesome packed into a simple “stoop and scoop” sign.

2 Responses to “No public befoulment”

  1. Susan says:

    Well at least they put in hyphens. I mourn the passing of hyphens. Miss the diaeresis though. Long gone except in The New Yorker.

  2. rudy says:

    what can i say… a classic!

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