Smart cop, green cop

There’s a new sheriff in town, and he sure looks Smart

I saw this Smart police car in action on McCaul on the weekend, not too long after it was added to the fleet. The parking enforcement officer was merrily writing tickets a little further up the street.

Add a loudspeaker and some long eyelashes over the headlights, and this Fortwo would make a better police spokescar than Blinky ever was, that’s for sure.

This month’s The Badge (page 6, PDF) reports that Parking Enforcement is also testing a Civic Hybrid as part of its fuel-efficient fleet.

3 Replies to “Smart cop, green cop”

  1. A parking enforcement officer parking illegally would be as wrong as the chairman of the TTC riding a private limo everywhere he goes.

    Oh, wait…

  2. I’ve seen parking enforcement officers using bikes, mostly downtown and along Danforth. I’ve also seen many parking enforcement officers parked illegally. Their most frequent infraction is parking too close to an intersection, but I occasionally see them parked in a bike lane. Real enforcement of standing/stopping/parking restrictions in bike lanes remains a pipe dream.

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