No particular place to go

The intersection of Fleet & Bathurst Streets is a tad confusing at the best of times. This was the view heading east on Fleet a couple of days ago:

Fleet Street & Bathurst

So you’re in a left-turn lane with a green arrow on a traffic light directing you to make a left turn. Unfortunately, you’re also looking at a “no left turns” sign directly in front of you. A little further down the street, right at the intersection, is a “no right turns” (streetcars excepted) sign. And you can’t go straight ahead because the road ends. Quite the conundrum.

I’m pretty sure that the left turn prohibition is actually directed at preventing eastbound traffic on Lake Shore Blvd from turning north up Bathurst. If you look closely, you can see another sign hanging beside the traffic light in the background at the very right of the picture. The placement of the sign in the foreground makes absolutely no sense: it’s both on the wrong side of Lake Shore for eastbound drivers to notice and slightly canted to face drivers on Fleet.

Note to Transportation Services: Toronto drivers really don’t need to be any more confused than they already are, especially at this intersection. With cars making left turns from the right lane, streetcars making right turns from the left lane, and no turning signs slapped up willy-nilly, it’s a wonder there aren’t more accidents here.

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