Spidey has it covered

Spider-Man covers the lawn

One of my neighbours has found a new use for those giant vinyl outdoor ads that frequently grace the sides of large buildings and the pages of illegalsigns.ca: landscape fabric. He’s cut up this Spider-Man sign to provide some cover for his lawn. Spidey never looked so good.

I haven’t caught anyone at home during the week I’ve been walking and cycling past this sight, so I don’t yet know the full story behind the unusual re-use. Time will tell if it’ll end up as the base layer of a new garden. In the meantime, I’ll smile at the poetic justice of dozens of neighbourhood dogs peeing on what was likely an illegally-posted sign in its day.

Alternative title for this post: Christo in Toronto redux.

Update, June 13: Sometime between 5:30 last night and 8:30 this morning, Spidey was removed from the lawn and rolled up in the driveway. No word yet on whether he’ll be back to fight another day or if his lawnfighting days are behind him.

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