The Bike Train is coming

Tickets are finally available for the Bike Train between Toronto and Niagara Falls this summer. If you’ve ever wanted to cycle around the Niagara region without taking the car (or riding your bike all the way there and back), you’ll have your chance when the Bike Train launches its inaugural season in about six weeks.

The schedule has been scaled back since the initial announcement, with service running only four weekends starting in late July and through August. Curiously, neither of the two Mondays with service falls on a long weekend.

I hope that enough people use the Bike Train to encourage a return engagement next year. With enough support, services like this could become a regular feature every summer.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be making two trips on the Bike Train myself — once with Risa to tootle around Niagara Falls for the day, and once by myself so that I can cycle back to Toronto.

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