By-law roulette #1

Section 480-3(A) (PDF) of the Toronto Municipal Code states that:

No person shall sell personal property at a garage sale other than personal property that has actually been used on, about, or in connection with the residential premises or, in the case of a joint garage sale held with a neighbour, the residential premises of the neighbour.

Garage Sale Saturdea SantayPeople sometimes accuse local politicians of poking their noses a little too far into residents’ private business, and with some justification. A by-law that declares residents must have used everything that they’re selling in a garage sale would seem to confirm the stereotype. This one rule alone eliminates most Saturday morning front yard staples: candles, exercise machines, and gaudy tchotchkes.

3 Replies to “By-law roulette #1”

  1. I guess the idea is to prevent professional vendors from selling off their excess inventory under the guise of garage sales, instead of at a flea market or other suitable venue.

  2. I agree.

    I guess politicians have only two tools: laws and taxes.

    Perhaps we should be grateful that they didn’t apply taxes in this case.

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