Suzuki and a half

Suzuki and a half

Unfortunately, this was the best picture we got of this litte curiosity zipping along the westbound 401 this morning. It’s an old Suzuki (Swift, I believe) pulling the rear portion of a similar car that has been chopped in half and converted into a cargo trailer. The writing on the back of the trailer/half-car reads “Suzuki and a half.” Very impressive work.

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  1. Hi,

    I heard you have been waiting for about a year.

    Well my fiance decided to keep his first car and never get it up. The front end of the car was all rotten and rusted so he decided to cut the car in half and us the back as a little utility trailer. We use it to haul our camping stuff and anything the carry as cargo to bring back and forth.
    It’s been awesome towing the little thing around we feel like a celebrity. It’s awesome to see peoples faces when driving around.

    if you have any question feel free to contact me.

    Thanks for be a fan of the trailer.

  2. Umm, “Owner of Car”… do you mind sending me a few pictures ( We were on our way back form my sister’s university graduation, and were at Don Mills and Overlea (this was about a year ago) and we saw it! I tried taking a picture, but we were moving too fast.

    It was a wonderful memory, and it is still apart of the things that my family has experience together, and I would love a picture or two. Thanks! XD.

  3. I have something similar 🙂 Mine is the rear half of a 1989 VW Scirocco…complete with spoiler !

    We towed ours behind our 1987 Scirocco last year all the way to Gibraltar and back to the UK….4000 miles in 9 and a half days!.
    I love the mini suzi….great to see more of this sort of thing on the roads.

    Our website is


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