Trashing the bike lane

55 Cosburn Ave. puts its garbage in the bike lane

This is what the bike lane in front of 55 Cosburn Ave. looks like every Wednesday morning. All of the other buildings on the street put their bins on the sidewalk (which is also not allowed, according to section 844-14 of the Toronto Municipal Code), their front lawns, or paved garbage pads beside the sidewalk, but whoever puts the bins out for this apartment building apparently thinks that the solid white line on the road is to keep traffic away from his garbage.

I only started riding this way to work three weeks ago. The first week, I was a little surprised and was willing to give the culprit the benefit of the doubt. Last week, I took pictures. This week, I took action: calls to the City’s right-of-way management and by-law enforcement. I also called the building superintendent from the lobby phone and asked for the bins to be removed from the bike lane. The woman who answered said that she’d tell the super about it, but I suspect that nothing happened.

We’ll see if this scene looks different next Wednesday.

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