The Man in the Mug

The Man in the Mug

I noticed a little man in my tea mug on Friday afternoon. He was flat up against the side, doing a little jig, two big sad eyes staring back at me as he raised his arms in greeting. Hmm, tea can do interesting things to mugs, I thought to myself. I was quite surprised to see him still clinging to the side this morning, even after I’d scrubbed my mug in preparation for a new day of caffeine. Maybe there’s more to my new friend than just a bit of tea stain.

Risa says that he looks like a cave painting. I say that he looks like a visitor from a distant land. Other people may have different ideas about what a random stain represents.

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  1. Hm, this comment says more about me than this entry, but the first thing I thought was: A cool idea for a patent… “A method of creating invisible images or patterns in a coffee mug that reveal themselves with repeated contact to warm beverages such as tea or coffee.”

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