Where'd the snow go?

A mountain of snow from Toronto’s streets

Ever wonder where the snow goes after the parade of dump trucks takes it away? It goes to a dump like this one on Unwin Avenue, where the grey, brown, and black mess is currently piled at least four storeys high. Once here, it melts directly into the lake, releasing all of its contaminants untreated into the environment. Other dump sites drain directly into rivers and creeks before emptying into the lake.

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  1. This morning I noticed from a bus window the HUGE snow pile at the Westwood Theatre lands by the Six Points interchange (Kipling/Bloor/Dundas). It looks even bigger than what your photo of Unwin shows. Maybe I’ll stop there on my way home to take some pics.

    I wonder how long it will take for all of this snow to melt!

  2. Snow in at least one of the Don Valley dumps persisted well into late May/early June the last time. It was possibly even later than that; I don’t remember the exact date, just that it was very warm outside and I was shocked to be seeing snow. At that point, the black mound of former snow is basically indistinguishable from a giant pile of dirt and garbage except on close inspection.

  3. There is more bad things happenig in this city an enviroment is a smear technique that works every time,people can not see further than their nose…Taxes(past year all inclusive 12%,all publicly funded buildings like Skydome(that was later sold to Ted Rogers for a fraction of the price,Highway 407 was build with your and my money and it was later sold to the European company)prices of food going WAY UP thanks to that bad bad oil and our dependency on the gasoline.This city have budget calculated only for a next 6 moths and nobody can say how we are collect taxes and fund services in the next 3 years?!!

    And you were thinking about enviroment!?
    Think Again!

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