Supermarket finds: Two of my favourite things

Bacon and Chocolate

All my life I’ve dreamed about combining chocolate and bacon. In fact, I’m fairly certain that I mentioned that very desire to Risa just last week. As if reading my mind, a co-worker returned from Texas on Monday with a Mo’s Bacon Bar to share with the office. Amazingly (to me, anyway), it’s made with real bacon and has no added flavours.

The verdict: mixed. The chocolate isn’t bad, but the salty bacon aftertaste left me yearning for a couple of eggs, over easy. It’s not really suited for an afternoon snack, but this could be a pretty good breakfast chocolate bar. I imagine it melted over a pair of eggs and squished between a couple of slices of toast. Chocolatey heart attack heaven!

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  1. Val, you must give us the nutritional info for this baby! How many grams of fat per serving?

    Also check out the recipe for Bacon Bar – Stuffed Dates, under the concierge tab in the link you provide to the site. It involves the chocolate bar, sausage and additional bacon! Yummmm!

  2. They sell this brand in Toronto, not sure about which flavours.

    I know Summerhill Market has/had them.

    That’s the well hidden upscale market in Rosedale, on Summerhill Avenue.

    There’s also an excellent selection of weird chocolate flavours at Puseteri’s, at Bay/Yorkville, I tried a different brand, which had an Apple Crumble flavour. It was nice, though in truth, I only tasted the cinnamon.

    If your into expensive chocolates, you should try SOMA in the distillery district, I love their Balsamic Vinegar truffles!

  3. I ride past the Summerhill Market almost every day, but it never occurred to me that they might have bacon chocolate bars in there. I’ll have to get off the bike and explore one day.

  4. Hey All;

    Whole Foods in Yorkville is carrying this brand now…..

    And that includes the bacon flavour, which I tried tonight!

    Not cheap! The tiny mini-bars are $3.99; the full size are something like $13

    The bacon bar was ‘interesting’. I don’t know that I’d crave another one so much as to pay the steep asking price; but it wasn’t 1/2 bad.

    Quite a curious taste blend. Far more chocolate that bacon; but the fried pork is unmistakably there.

    For those on the look out, they’re hiding it on the shelving in front of the coffee bar.


    Also picked up the curry flavour….. will try it tomorrow.

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