"Warranty void if removed"

Warranty void if removed

I picked up this shiny new hard drive (1 terabyte!)  yesterday and was a little perplexed to see Seagate’s new warranty terms on the static bag. It seems that if I remove the drive from the packaging to, you know, use it or something, I’ll void my warranty. Quite the conundrum.

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  1. I suppose one could always slit the bottom of the static bag and carefully extract the drive so as to leave the warranty label intact. (without ‘removing’ anything, just in case)

    But then what if they mean ‘removed from the bag’?

    Worse, if they mean ‘removed from the box’, then it’s too late anyway.

    The last time I bought a hard drive, the warranty was from the date of manufacture! I noticed this as I belatedly installed the drive just days before the warranty’s expiry.

    If they don’t want to provide a warranty then they just shouldn’t.

    And anyway what is stopping them from making the warranty expire x number of days from the date of design. Or first business proposal. Or maybe when the manufacturing line was brought on line…

    Maybe you could just leave it in the bag, make some slits for the connectors, and fashion some sort of air-injection cooling system to keep things cool. Better safe than sorry.

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