CAA discovers bikes

There are some things you just don’t expect to see, and a bicycle gracing the cover of the Canadian Automobile Association‘s quarterly magazine ranks right up there. Not only is cycling included in the cover story (although the online summary doesn’t say much about cycing, the original in the magazine includes several paragraphs and a sidebar about cycle touring), there’s also a second article extolling the virtues of public bike sharing programs like Montreal’s Bixi.

3 Replies to “CAA discovers bikes”

  1. Ottawa had a similar trial program last summer. Unfortunately, it was poorly advertised and there were only fifty bikes in total spread out over four stations.

    1. Yep, the Bike Assist program has been running in BC for two or three years, and I’m glad to see that it finally made it to Ontario. As both a card-carrying member of the CAA and someone who rides long distances out of town, I fully expect to be using one of those bike tows sometime in the next couple of years.

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