Use your nodle

Chicken nodle soup

Call me what you will, but I don’t think that expecting properly spelled food labels in the local Sobeys is asking for too much.  Everybody makes mistakes (guilty!), but is it really possible that no employees or managers noticed this label all day long yesterday? Or is it more likely that the staff noticed but just didn’t care enough to fix it? Either way, it doesn’t exactly give me confidence that Sobeys treats my food with any greater care than, say, the local Loblaws.

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  1. You really have me hooked on signs. Now I photo them or pick them up from the street. I found a really lovely lost cat sign in the pet store that I asked to borrow and copied. The spelling really bugs me though. At the bank last week a table was set out for Nov 11th. A box of poppies was in front of a framed copy of the poem In Flanders Fields.
    I read the poem. At the end of the second paragraph was a mixture of words from previous lines and new lines, obviously a bad cut and paste. Someone took the time to find the poem, copy the poem and print it and frame it … badly. I told the receptionist and she said she would change it.

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