By-law roulette #4

Section 844-23 (PDF) of the Toronto Municipal Code states that:

No person shall:


C. Pick over, interfere with, disturb, remove or scatter any waste set out for collection unless authorized to do so by the General Manager

That’s right garbage pickers, you’re breaking the law: according to the city, one man’s garbage is not only not another man’s treasure, but it’s also a $10,000 fine for a first offence. And you thought you were doing something for the environment by keeping that old desk out of the landfill. Hrmph.

2 Replies to “By-law roulette #4”

  1. Well that’s interesting. I wonder what that makes me — I sometimes leave items out in the garbage specifically with the purpose of having them picked over and recycled by others. Sometimes I even leave a note. I suppose that makes me an aider and abetter to by-law breakers.

  2. Wayne , we do the same thing. In our township we all just make sure we put the reusable items out the day after garbage day. That way peolpe know that its a freebe and not just junk. I have never had anything stay longer then the day.

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