Pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian crossing in a field

Surely my eyes deceive me, but is that a signed and signalled pedestrian crossing in the middle of an overgrown farmer’s field? I’ve got to check this out.


Pedestrian crossing in a field

Maybe I’m not so blind after all. That really does seem to be a pedestrian signal. I must get closer.


Pedestrian crossing in a field

Yep, that’s definitely one of Mr. Stickman’s genteel cousins showing me the way across. But across what? What the hell is he doing out standing in this field in the middle of nowhere?

Pedestrian crossing in a field

Sheesh. I know I often complain about bad pedestrian infrastructure, but this is ridiculous.

Still, I’d love to see simple signals like this across tracks in Toronto instead of huge pedestrian overpasses that turn a 10-second crossing into a 3-minute climb.



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  1. Theory: That crossing was used by a farmer and the signals were put in to allow him to cross safely with loaded tractors and wagons. Now the field is overgrown and the signals remain.

  2. Well, when trains are running at 100mph, even pedestrians need some notice 🙂

    My guess it was this or close the crossing fully.

  3. i know what you mean about overpasses… maclennan avenue comes to mind (over a very busy line, a level crossing is just not on), but why is it there at all? a 5 minute walk to the mt pleasant subway is easily the caloric equivalent to climbing that monster

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