Ball’s Mill

Ball's Mill

Ball’s Mill graces the Hamlet of Baltimore north of Cobourg. Although the exterior has been restored and is largely in good condition, the inside is crammed full of junk and looks pretty rough through the windows.

Behind the mill, a portion of the exterior has been left unrestored to show the original condition:

Rear view of Ball's Mill

Apparently, the mill was run by a 19th-century Russell Oliver:

Cash for Wheat at Ball's Mill

Horse trees

I mentioned Presqu’ile Provincial Park’s horse trees—Risa prefers the term “camel trees”—in my anniversary gallery post last week. They’re so-called because their swaybacked trunks resemble saddles and people (including Risa and me) love sitting on them for pictures. Trees like this aren’t unique to Presqu’ile, but what is unique is that there are several dozen of them concentrated in a small grove and are all presumed to have developed their distinctive form as a result of the same weather event about 120 years ago.

Ball’s Mill Conservation Area, north of Cobourg in the hamlet of Baltimore, has a few horse trees too and one of them is remarkable for having not only a saddle, but what appears to be a front limb and a very long neck too:

Horse tree at Ball's Mill CA

You can see a couple of additional views of this tree and the explanation of this kind of formation from the info board at Presqu’ile after the jump.

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