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Cottonwood Flats ice curtain

By , January 28, 2012

Ice curtain around the Don River

There’s an interesting sight on the Don River north of Pottery Road. Just across the river from Cottonwood Flats, a series of icicles dripping from the hillside create an ice curtain that curves for about 200 metres along the river bank.

Ice curtain around the Don River

Although a few of the individual icicles can be traced to water channels that trickle down from the top of the hill, most seem to sprout from the hillside just a few metres above the river:

Ice curtain detail

Given the extent and uniformity of the ice, my guess is that most of it comes from groundwater seeping into the river at this location.

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  1. Vic says:

    Beautiful. Reminds me of the “ice curtains” that come out of the escarpment in Hamilton (and I presume anywhere along the way).

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