One less sir

Sir Greek Restaurant

The Danforth’s first couple of cuisine, Sir Greek & Sir Sub, separated a couple of weeks ago. The pre-nup stipulated that Sir Greek would keep the restaurant and patio and he wasted no time in dropping Sir Sub’s name from his documents. We’ll miss you, Sir Sub, but the odds weren’t in your favour: half of all cross-concept restaurants end in divorce. Here’s another picture of the happy (at the time) couple in April 2009, when they were renovating their new abode before moving in:

Sir Greek and Sir Sub

Ah, memories.

Dysart et al

Municipality of Dysart et al

I suppose that you really have to come up with something shorter to fit on road signs when the full name of your municipality is the United Townships of Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton, Havelock, Eyre and Clyde. The initialism of UTDDHGHBHEC doesn’t look much better and isn’t very catchy. But you’d think that since the initial amalgamation of the first four of these in Haliburton County in 1867, the township et al’s residents would have been able to let some of the names slip into history.

On the other hand, living in Toronto et al, formed in 1954 with a full name of the United City of Toronto, Scarborough, East York, Leaside, North York, Forest Hill, York, Weston, Swansea, New Toronto, Mimico, and Long Branch would have its charms.

Grossest TTC e-alert ever

This TTC alert just popped into my inbox:

ALL CLEAR: All earlier delays on Yonge University Spadina line have cleared. Regular service has resumed. We apologize for any incontinence.

I’m not sure what caused the delays in the first place, but it must have been quite the mess.

(And this is a perfect example of why I read things twice before I hit the “send” button.)

Be vewy vewy quiet

Two signs about birds in Presqu’ile Provincial Park are meant to caution bird lovers. The first instructs people to approach a viewing area quietly so as not to disturb birds on the beach:

Avoid disturbing shorebirds

Another sign in the park alerts parkgoers to the danger presented by the bird hunt allowed in the park:

Waterfowl hunt every other day

The perplexing thing is that these signs are both on the same post:

Conflicting signs on the same post

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, it’s Lookout #3. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, it morphs into “Look out!” #3. I hope the hunters are using silencers so they don’t disturb the birds.